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How to Find a Good Bakery


There are so many bakeries out there, almost one on every corner of the street. But as you might guess, they're not all created equal. Obviously, not all of them are good. But what makes them "good" anyway?


There are many things that make a Bakery Charlotte nbc worth a coming back to, not just their health their health department score, although that is important too.


Next time you visit a bakery to get some goodies, be observant with your surroundings. This is the least you can do to know just how good the place is, and if you indeed would like to go back.


First, take a look at the display case the moment you enter a bakery. It must be full. Otherwise, that could mean that the bakery didn't make enough for its customers, or had excessive food waste which they had to throw out. Both are unacceptable for a good bakery.


Besides being full, the case should also have a mix of different items. Whether the bakery only makes cupcakes, or it's a large one that offer all kinds of goodies, they should provide variety that customers can choose from. Not everyone is strictly chocolate or strictly vanilla. Even if that's a specialty item, you would still look for other choices as a customer. If you need additional help in finding a good bakery, you can go to


Another thing is there must be proper labeling of goodies. Not everyone will be able to distinguish from item to item. A bakery should have a special decorative label that differentiates a chocolate espresso muffin from a chocolate candy muffin. Furthermore, unless the place is not a specialty bakery that sells gluten-free pastries, these items must be labeled as such.


Of course, one of the most basic signs of a good Bakery Charlotte nbc is cleanliness. When you enter the place, you shouldn't find any food lying around, things that should be in the refrigerator but are left exposed in room temperature, staff who are not wearing gloves or hairnets, and messy tables. Whether or not these are true for a certain bakery will surely affect its ratings with the health department.


When you ask them about their products, they should be able to answer clearly and politely. Who wants to go to a bakery that doesn't know its own products? If that feels like an issue, you can only consider two possibilities. First, they don't bother about details, which is not good when you're baking, and second, they don't even make their own goodies.


If you just moved to a new area, you can always go online to search for good bakeries nearby. If you've made any few friends, they should be able to help. It's a good thing you can read reviews online too, but only for the larger bakeries. Smaller ones usually depend on word-of-mouth.